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Young Driver Advice on Avoiding Motor Insurance Claims November 13, 2007

Statistics show that young drivers, particularly young men are likely to make or cause insurance claims. In one area of the UK, young drivers are receiving the advice and guidance they need as part of an initiative to reduce young driver claims.

A partnership between transport giant Fed-Ex and the UK road saftey charity Brake has produced a successful
program aimed at teenagers and presented by Andy Milne. Teenagers at Sandhurst School are receiving regular information from Mr Milne, a successful local driving instructor with
over 10 years experience.

The teenagers are taught about the dangers of drink driving and so called drug driving. Substances that impair your
judgement are more likely to make you crash or cause an accident and unfortunately the consequences are quite often fatal.

Young drivers are also actively encouraged to wear seat belts. It not only protects all the passengers from harm in an
accident but my avoid large and costly third party claims which will mean very high insurance prices in the future.

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