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Summer Holiday Travel Insurance May 27, 2009

Holiday Travel Insurance

Its that time of year when I need to think about summer holidays and travel insurance.  Here at, we’ve been busy working behind the scenes so we’ve not got round to adding a travel insurance comparison site yet.  Its a shame as its always prudent to compare prices before you buy.

In absence of any other links try this cheap travel insurance link.

I’ve been looking around for places to go so if anyone has any great ideas for places to visit in Europe then add a comment to this post. I’ve had a look around at the Canary Islands, this post about Callao Salvaje (Tenerife) was helpful but I need to look some more first. Perhaps I’ll grab a late break.

Anyway, interesting as this is, there is not much about insurance so basically, get a cheap travel insurance policy here.

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herryjohn August 12th, 2009

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