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Auto Insurance – Safer Cars, Lower Prices June 12, 2008 No Comments

There is a direct correlation between auto insurance prices and the safety rating of a car.  Simply put, the better the vehicle safety rating the cheaper your insurance will be.  Safer cars mean that it is less likely that you will be seriously injured in the event of a collision so on average, the personal injury claims for passengers of safe cars are far lower than in an average safety rated car.

The safest cars in the small SUV category are Honda CR-V, the Honda Element and the Subaru Forester.  If you are planning on buying any of these vehicles then congratulations – you are already on your way to cheap auto insurance!

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Van Insurance Essentials – Good Breakdown Cover No Comments

If you have van insurance then you probably use your van to get things from A to B such as products, deliveries or even your own bike if you happen to be a professional mountain biker.  What if your van was off the road, possibly up to a week?  Could your business cope with the loss of income?  Basically, you need your van on the road at all times so its vital that you purchase good breakdown cover.

The major breakdown providers offer a great service but this comes with a higher price tag.  There are some fantastic bargains on offer when you take out your van insurance policy so be sure to ask the representative when you are confirming your quote details.  Even if you buy online its always wise to check your details so buy yourself that peace of mind starting at around £49.50.

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Auto Insurance Savings for Commuters June 9, 2008 1 Comment

The global problems in the gas and oil markets are forcing commuters to think about their daily commute to work.  With gas prices reaching $4 per gallon, more and more of us are turning to public transport to travel to and from work.

Over time this will have an effect on auto insurance prices because of the reduction in the number of cars on the road during peak times.  If there are less cars around it makes sense that the probability of having an accident is decreased.  Lower chances of being involved in an accident should translate into rate cuts for drivers although it may take around 2 months for new lower priced rates to enter the market.

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Cheap Auto Insurance Causes Concern in Massachusetts June 8, 2008 1 Comment

For once it seems that not everyone is happy about cheap auto insurance in Massachusetts…

The problem is that due to new state laws, high risk drivers who cannot get insurance elsewhere are spread out between other auto insurers in the state. Progressive is exempt from these compulsory high risk customers for 2 years as a newcomer to the state. This means Progressive is able to offer super cheap auto insurance rates and has been pursuing an extremely aggressive advertising campaign.

The major insurers have sued the state commissioner of insurance in a move to force Progressive to take loss making business inline with other Massachusetts auto insurance companies.

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Van Insurance Price Rise for Mobile Phone Offenders June 2, 2008 No Comments

I recently blogged Van Insurance Issues – Police Target Mobile Phone Users but it seems that there is more bad news on the horizon for drivers convicted of mobile phone offences (such as a CU80 endorsement).

Insurance giant Allianz is now rating mobile phone offences equally with serious endorsements such as dangerous driving.  This means a 30% increase on the base rate calculation…

Alianz has changed its ratings in a bid to support the police and government message that driving whilst using a mobile is dangerous.  This is could be the first time that an insurer has changed its rates for political reasons.  It will be interesting to see if other insurers follow Allianz lead and increase their prices too.

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Van Insurance Prices could be Lowered by High Fuel Costs No Comments

Every day there seems to be another story about petrol price rises, banks collapsing and other economic woes but in the long run there could be some good news for van insurance customers.

There is evidence that the soaring cost of petrol is actually affecting peoples driving habits.  Prudent drivers are starting to make less short trips to the local shops and are instead opting to buy the food for the week at the supermarkets.  Short trips are proven to be the least economic in terms of fuel consumption so this is a good way to save on petrol costs.

This change brings a hidden benefit; as there are less cars moving around at any one time the insurance risk is reduced.  Over time this will translate into savings on your van insurance.  These benefits will not be immediate but will probably become more obvious over the next few months.

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Van Insurance Risk for Fleet Managers June 1, 2008 No Comments

Fleet managers need to beware of employees using fake driving licences to obtain jobs.  Fraudsters are producing better, more convincing fakes and the latest counterfeits are indistinguishable from genuine licence cards.  If company employees are caught using fake licences there will be implications for the van insurance costs for the business.

Using a fake licence is against the terms of your insurance and the police will probably charge the driver with LC20 and IN10 offences, two of the most serious motoring convictions.  The problems may not stop there as there could be a case where senior company personnel could receive an LC22 endorsement for aiding and abetting illegal driving.

Transport and logistics businesses need to check every potential employee’s driving licence and if there is any suspicion then the DVLA should be contacted to verify the details.

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Van Insurance Affected by Used Van Prices May 31, 2008 No Comments

Drivers with van insurance will be encouraged by recent research by vehicle valution experts EurotaxGlass’s. They have advised manufacturers to be more realistic when pricing used vehicles, particularly vans as current used van valuations are based on 3 years use and 60,000 miles.

EurotaxGlass’s found this to be a completely outdated measure as the majority of vans travel 30,000 each year meaning these vehicles would clock up 90,000 miles over the 3 years.

The price you pay for your van has an effect on your van insurance premium; the more your pay for the van, the higher your insurance price will be.

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Van Insurance Issues – Police Target Mobile Phone Users 2 Comments

Police in Wiltshire have launched a campaign aimed at prosectuing motorists. This time they are looking for drivers using handheld mobiles whilst driving. The message is clear: plumbers, electricians, plasterers and other small business owners beware; getting caught talking to clients whilst driving will get you a £60 fine and possibly a few points on your licence.

Driving convictions mean higher van insurance premiums when it comes to renewal time, increasing the already spiralling cost of driving in the UK. For around £10 to £20 pounds you can buy a hands free kit for your mobile and save yourself from all of this trouble, money well spent indeed.

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Fuel Protest Highlights Problems in the Economy May 28, 2008 No Comments

Recent bad feeling about the spiralling cost of fuel lead to a fuel protest which brought chaos to London earlier today.

About 300 vans, trucks and lorries forced road closures in the capital today sending a clear message to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown. People are just fed up with “Rip Off Britain” and the record price rises are contributing to inflationary problems which, in turn, has a detrimental effect on our economy as a whole.

Its possible that sky high fuel prices will force the closure of many hard pressed courier and transport based businesses which may lead to unemployment and further economic misery.

The British economy seems to be suffering “Stagflation” as one commentator called it. Basically, when the cost of fuel rises, eveything else increases in price too. This is an inflationary pressure and the correct way to combat this is to increase interest rates. The problem is that we are currently suffering the “credit crunch” and any increase in interest rates will only worsen the problem. We are stuck with our current circumstances until either inflation declines or the credit crunch’s impact is reduced.

I expect the next Bank of England rates decision (due 5th June 2008) to be a no change as this is the only available course of action at the moment. Rise, fall or stick, we’ll know the outcome next week.