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How Lower Petrol Prices Effect Cheap Van Insurance August 29, 2008 No Comments

In recent weeks UK motorists have benefited from a fall in petrol prices. In most cases unleaded is now around 10p cheaper than around 1 month ago. This decrease was forecasted by the Bank of England some time ago and it is comforting to know that they have a good grasp on the UK economy despite the difficult conditions. Unfortunately it could mean that the recent round of cheap van insurance quotes will not continue for very long.

Petrol price changes have a very large sphere of influence and can cause big rises in inflation as all goods are more expensive to move around the country. These costs are passed on to the consumers.

There is an unseen benefit to high petrol prices though as it seems that sky high fuel bills have forced many drivers to think more carefully about the journeys they are making and their driving habits. People are walking short trips instead of driving which means there are fewer cars on the roads at the moment. Motorists are also driving more carefully and at slower speeds in order to decrease fuel consumption.

These two facts mean that there are a lot less accidents occurring so insurance companies are able to make savings as they are not paying out on as many claims. Many insurers are aggressively marketing their current cheap van insurance quotes and the cut price rates are likely to continue for some time. All this fits in with data gathered from RAC and AA patrol vehicles showing a trend for more sensible driving habits.

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Cheap Van Insurance Secrets for Van Drivers August 18, 2008 No Comments

During my day to day work with numerous van insurance brokers, I often find out useful hints and tips about how to legally get cheap van insurance quotes. This mainly affects hobbyists who need a van for their activities such as historical re-enactors who need to carry around a great deal of tents, armour and camping equipment or moto cross riders who need to move their bikes to each race.

Usually, one might ask for Social Domestic and Pleasure cover excluding commuting as vans are usually secondary weekend vehicles when used for hobbies. Its much cheaper to ask for own goods haulage cover as that allows you to use the van with social domestic and pleasure cover and has the benefit of more accurately describing the vehicle usage. In fact, for a 3 seater Ford Transit you could make a big saving of around £150!

In order to get the very best rate you should first compare van insurance quotes online using a service such as Quotezone to check the market for prices. Then call the brokers and insurers in first and second place and ask about the own goods haulage as a usage option. This will give you a chance to confirm any other details and will make sure you get the best van insurance quote.

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Regulators Force New York Insurers to Offer You a Cheaper Auto Insurance Quote August 11, 2008 No Comments

Getting a cheap auto insurance quote online has just got easier for residents of New York.

During the global credit crunch we are all used to prices going up so its nice to have some good news from the New York Insurance Regulators. The New York State Insurance Department has issued a document ordering insurers to explain any request to raise rates as they feel that auto insurance price increases are not currently justified. Super insurer Geico has already withdrawn two requests to increase rates on 2 of its key products and “significantly reduced” its proposed increase to its 3rd product which deals with high risk drivers.

The New York State Insurance Department has acted because driver behaviour has changed due to record gas prices. Drivers are making less non-essential trips and car pooling on grocery and shopping trips. This means there are less cars on the road therefore accidents are less likely to occur. Insurance companies seem to agree with this view as they have seen big decreases in their losses. In fact, in May 2008 Americans drove 9.6 billion miles less than in May 2007, the third largest drop in 66 years!

If this continues then motorists in other states can look forward to a reduced auto insurance quote from your insurer.

UK Interest Rates Held at 5% – You Need Cheap Van Insurance Quotes August 7, 2008 No Comments

The Bank of England today decided to keep the base rate of inflation at 5%. Given the current economic situation there is little choice for the BoE. This means that our prices will remain sky high for even basic items such as bread, milk and eggs. Food is already 10% more expensive than last year and other costs (especially fuel) continue to spiral out of control.

In times of financial turmoil you need to save as much as possible. The best way to get cheap van insurance is to use a comparison service such as Quotezone to get you the best rate on your van insurance renewal. Comparing prices using an online search service will typically save you £200 – not bad for five minutes work!

Cheap Van Insurance Only a Matter of Time July 29, 2008 No Comments

Cheap van insurance is on its way! With all the other economic problems its nice to have some good news for once and it seems that van drivers are likely to see a reduction in their renewal prices. The reason is simple – fuel prices have driven many motorists off the road and the drivers that are left are driving more slowly in order to conserve fuel, according to recent AA reports.

If there are less vehicles on the road, and the ones that are left are driving more slowly, there is less risk of a crash for all drivers. The reductions in insurance prices will probably be seen in about 6 months.

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Van insurance for social, domestic and pleasure usage July 21, 2008 No Comments

There are a lot of sites offering commercial vehicle insurance for vans so its sometimes difficult to find sites that cater for customers who happen to have a van as their car.

There are a lot of legitimate situations where a family might buy a van instead of a car and none of the family has a business. For example, one of my friends has a son who is involved in moto cross racing. Its difficult to fit a motorbike in a car but a Ford Transit van will easily take the bike and loads of extra gear as well.

This would count as Social, Domestic and Pleasure use so the best thing to do is to get cheap van insurance quotes online from sites like and phone the top quoting companies to check they allow SDP usage. You are still using the speed and time saving elements of a price comparison site but you don’t have to go to each broker individually to complete their questions.

Bank of England Holds UK Interest Rates at 5% July 17, 2008 1 Comment

The UK Bank of England recently voted to hold interest rates at 5%. I believe they had little choice in this decision as any decrease will further fuel the increasing rate of inflation which is now nearing 4%, double the governments target rate. Equally, the Bank of England cannot put the rate up even by 0.25% as the effect on the economy would be devastating. If interest rates rise its likely that businessesand consumers who have large amount of borrowing will not be able to cope and the outcome would likely be a recession.

The Bank of England must strike a careful balance between the threat of recession and the problems brought on by high rates of inflation such as strike action.

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Car Insurance could be Cheaper After Poor UK Car Sales Performance July 13, 2008 No Comments

Cheap car insurance prices could be on the horizon after a continuing decline in new car sales throughout 2008. The entire new car sector is down just over 4% on the same period last year due to the credit crunch problems. The worst affected companies are manufacturers such as Land Rover who offer a product line of big 4×4 and off road cars. Customers are now looking at every penny spent and can no longer afford to buy “gas guzzlers.” In fact, Land Rover sales are down around 28% on last year. In contrast Honda is gaining customers looking for greener alternatives for their main family cars. As a result sales are up around 2% so far this year.

As there are less new car sales it follows that there are less cars on the roads. This will naturally make our roads safer and next year we could see reductions in car insurance rates offered. If the trading pattern continues throughout the year then its possible you could see discounts of upto £100 when its time to renew.

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Car Insurance News – Slowdown in Car Sales Means Trouble for Car Insurance Providers July 10, 2008 1 Comment

Recent sales figures released by Land Rover show sales this year are down by 33% on the same period last year. This trend is being echoed around the automotive sector with overall registrations down 3.5%; a definite sign of delicate trading conditions on the horizon for car insurance providers.

Land Rover officials stated that they expected the downturn based on the problems in the economy and a growing number of customers opting for greener cars as consumers turn their back on “gas guzzlers.” Another statement released by the manufacturer said that trading in May 2007 had been “a very strong month” and this worsened the 2008 Q2 figures.

The Bank of England base rate remained unchanged today at 5.0% which will not ease the pressure on the automotive market. Its likely that some of the smaller car insurers will disappear or be taken over by larger rivals.

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Credit Crunch Could Cost Insurance Companies £1.5 Billion This Year July 6, 2008 2 Comments

UK insurance companies could see losses of upto £1.5 billion this year due to the credit crunch. This may seem surprising as insurance is usually compulosry for most people. Car insurance for drivers and buildings insurance for home owners are easy examples, so you would think that insurers would be unaffected by the worsening ecomonic outlook.

It appears that the current problems are causing people to be creative when it comes to cutting costs. Many families are now getting rid of extra cars which means that there are less drivers needing car insurance.

There is also extra pressure on home insurance providers. Its much harder for first time buyers to get mortgages to buy their first property which has slowed down the entire chain. In fact, would-be first time buyers are making a conscious decision to stay in rented accomodation until the money markets improve and borrowing becomes easier. Renters only need contents insurance so the insurers are missing out on the extra revenue from buildings insurance which will cause losses later this year.

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