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No More SP30 Convctions for Van Insurance Customers in Swindon October 24, 2008

There was good news this week for van insurance customers in Swindon after the council decided to remove all its fixed speeding cameras.  The landmark move came after the Tory council voted to axe the cameras when they refused to pay the £320,000 per year maintenance costs.

The move has been equally criticised and praised by various different organiations around the UK.  Road safety campaigners are worried that the lack of any fixed speed cameras will allow the local boy racers in suped up Honda cars and other hot hatches a free reign around the Swindon town area.  They have also pointed out that cameras are there to save lives and this would be “a very dangerous experiment with people’s lives.”

On the other side, the AA has stated that they will support the move if the council follows up with its plan to replace the GATSO cameras with more police patrols, sleeping policemen and interactive signs.

The manager of one local car rental firms had this to say:
“There are loads of boy racers in Swindon. You always see them in the McDonald’s car parks. Fifty per cent of my customers have at least one SP30 speeding conviction.”

Although the council have voted to scrap the cameras, they do not have the powers needed to actually remove them.  From April 2009 the council will stop paying for the upkeep and the other members in the partnership, the police, Wiltshire County Council and the Highways Agency must cover the cost.  A spokesperson for Swindon borough council said that “If the partnership wanted to pay for fixed cameras to continue, they could do so.”  It would be an interesting situation if the cameras were maintained by the other members and could cause other local councils to follow suit with similar decisions.

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