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IN10 LC20 Driving Convictions – Cheap Car Insurance June 13, 2008

If you have a less than perfect driving history then its likely that you’ll find it hard to get cheap car insurance.  Many drivers with IN10 and LC20 convictions are faced with the problem of ringing around specialist brokers, spending lots of time on the phone and sometimes getting ripped off or even worse, refused insurance.

Most online sites will not give out quotes for this combination of motoring convictions so the endorsements take away a lot of choice when you most need it.  For those that are not experts in the motoring conviction endorsement codes the definitions are:

Luckily there is a new breed of online brokers and insurers who specialise in low cost, cheap car insurance for drivers with these circumstances.  Quotezone is one such site, able to offer quotes via its online partners for most of the major driving convictions.

Remember, Quotezone can offer you a range of cheap car insurance quotes for IN10 and LC20 convictions.

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