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Fuel Prices Set to Fall – Pay Less at the Pump September 22, 2008 No Comments

The price of crude oil has now fallen below the $100 per barrel mark which means drivers could be inline for drop in their outgoings. The price of oil has been slowly falling over the last month and will soon prompt fuel retailers to drop their prices on the forecourts. We could see another round [...]

Van Insurance Sales Down in August September 11, 2008 No Comments

Van sales at auction events are down around 17% compared with figures from last year. EurotaxGlass’s has noted that although there were good turnouts for the events, older diesel vans are no longer wanted by van insurance customers. It seems that the high performance vans are still in demand but van drivers have realised that [...]

How Lower Petrol Prices Effect Cheap Van Insurance August 29, 2008 No Comments

In recent weeks UK motorists have benefited from a fall in petrol prices. In most cases unleaded is now around 10p cheaper than around 1 month ago. This decrease was forecasted by the Bank of England some time ago and it is comforting to know that they have a good grasp on the UK economy [...]

Car Insurance could be Cheaper After Poor UK Car Sales Performance July 13, 2008 No Comments

Cheap car insurance prices could be on the horizon after a continuing decline in new car sales throughout 2008. The entire new car sector is down just over 4% on the same period last year due to the credit crunch problems. The worst affected companies are manufacturers such as Land Rover who offer a product [...]

Fuel Price Rises Mean Misery for Van Insurance Customers June 17, 2008 No Comments

The price of a litre of petrol is now well on is now around £1.20 and diesel is a sky high £1.30 a litre!  According to a recent money supermarket survey, around two thirds of drivers thought that if the rises continue then they would find it extremely hard to cope with the extra strain [...]

Petrol Prices on the Rise April 27, 2008 No Comments

I’m concerned about the current problems in Scotland around the supply of petrol.  I just get that sneak feeling that first the prices will rise, maybe even as high as £1.20 per litre and secondly that the country will grind to a halt once more.  There are already signs that Scotland is drying up.  Surely [...]

Staying Safe when You’re Out and About April 23, 2008 No Comments

The advice given below will help to keep you safe while you are out and about on Britain’s roads. When driving alone or at night, always lock your doors Girls, never leave your handbag on the passenger seat. Oppotunistic theives could try and grab it at the traffic lights Always carry your mobile phone with [...]

Christmas Cheer December 12, 2007 No Comments

Its the season to be jolly but get too merry and it could cost you your licence…

Winter Driving Top Tips November 21, 2007 No Comments

Its that time of year again where the nights are drawing in and the weather is noticably colder. Dark nights and cold weather are not the only problems facing motorists during the winter. Driving rain, snow, and more recently in the UK, blizzards, ice and sun glare are all out in winter causing problems on [...]