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Car Insurance for an LC20 Conviction July 5, 2008

If you have an LC20 conviction it can be difficult to find cheap car insurance. An LC20 endorsement is defined as “Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence.” This conviction is usually received for driving a car whilst on a provisional licence without an elligible adult driver present at the time of the offence. This offence carries between 3 and 6 penalty points depending on the severity.

An LC20 on its own will not cause a huge problem when buying car insurance but if you have combinations of convictions such as LC20 and IN10 you will find it hard to get cheap car insurance. LC20 and IN10 combinations are viewed by most insurers as very severe and the highest rating factors are used to calculate your premiums.

Quotezone works in partnership with a number of brokers and insurers and a few of our panel can offer extremely competitive rates for LC20 or LC20 IN10 combinations. Get your insurance price comparison to see if can help you find cheap car insurance.

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