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Women’s Car Insurance Prices Stay Low October 28, 2007

In January 2005, The EU Gender Directive (a European Union proposal) threatened to end cheap car insurance for women. A last minute deal between European ministers and the Insurance Industry allowed insurers to continue to give massive discounts to women.

Insurers usually offer discounted prices to women as the statistics are highly stacked in their favour. Of all drivers, only 15% of the serious incidents on British roads are caused by women, meaning 85% of offences are committed by male drivers. Great odds if you are a lady!

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The final date for EU member state compliance with The Gender Directive is the 21st of December 2007. As well as cementing permanent low car insurance prices for women there are many other stipulations; the right for equal treatment in mortgage applications for pregnant women and the right for part time workers to obtain loans are a few sample rulings from the directive.

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Cheap car insurance prices brought to you by and QuoteZone
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