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Van Insurance – Tips to Get a Lower Premium May 18, 2008

Everyone is feeling the squeeze at the moment so today we will look at how to get a cheaper van insurance quote.

1) No Claims Discount

Most people know about the No Claims Discount offered by insurers. Basically insurers offer a discount for any years complete driving experience where you (or any named drivers) have not claimed on your policy.

Here is our first tip: You can transfer any No Claims Bonus from a car insurance policy to a your van insurance. Some companies can even “mirror” the bonus which means using your no claims discount across all your policies.

2) Limited Use

Some insurers offer discounts for drivers who stay within a 50 mile radius of their home address. The actual number will vary by insurer but if you stay local, make sure you ask about this option when you get your van insurance quote.

3) Restricted Driving

“Any Driver” policies are great. They are flexible and allow anyone within your organisation to drive your van. The trouble is that they are expensive too. Consider only adding a few named drivers over the age of 25 to your policy and see a big reduction in your van insurance quote.

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