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Van Insurance Prices could be Lowered by High Fuel Costs June 2, 2008

Every day there seems to be another story about petrol price rises, banks collapsing and other economic woes but in the long run there could be some good news for van insurance customers.

There is evidence that the soaring cost of petrol is actually affecting peoples driving habits.  Prudent drivers are starting to make less short trips to the local shops and are instead opting to buy the food for the week at the supermarkets.  Short trips are proven to be the least economic in terms of fuel consumption so this is a good way to save on petrol costs.

This change brings a hidden benefit; as there are less cars moving around at any one time the insurance risk is reduced.  Over time this will translate into savings on your van insurance.  These benefits will not be immediate but will probably become more obvious over the next few months.

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