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Van Drivers Warned about Keys as Van Theft Increases October 27, 2008

Police have issued a warning to van insurance customers after a number of recent thefts in Nottinghamshire and the surrounding area.  Motorists have been told to keep their keys on them at all times as opportunistic theives have targeted delivery drivers in the area.

Delivery drivers often leave the keys in the ignition to save time starting up the engine and to prevent the battery from going flat.  Other van drivers leave keys in their coat pocket or elsewhere around the van in easy reach of criminals.  Quick thinking theives are jumping into the drivers seat, escaping with the van and any cargo on board.

The theft of a van can spell trouble for any business through possible downtime while the van is replaced.  There may be further misery as insurers can class this as negligence on the part of the driver and invalidate the policy.  This means that there will be no payout so the stolen van and any goods or tools must be replaced from other sources of income, a chilling prospect in the current economic climate.

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