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Travel Insurance and the European Health Insurance Card June 25, 2009

Travel Insurance and the European Health Insurance Card

If you are off some where nice like the Athena Royal Beach Hotel this year for your summer holiday then don’t forget to get the right travel insurance cover and your European Health Insurance Card.  Most UK insurance companies will void your cover if you make a claim without one of these cards in place so its vital that you get this done a few weeks before you go abroad.  Its free to get one so use the link above to apply today just in case you are unfortunate and need to make a claim abroad.

There are loads of great places to get your travel insurance and lots of different types of cover available.  If you are thinking about going on another trip this year then it probably makes sense to buy an annual policy so that you don’t need to buy a second insurance policy later in the year.

Don’t forget to pick the right amounts for your valuables and contents cover, its easy to under estimate the true worth of your items and things like wedding rings might slip your mind.  If you have a problem abroad its much easier to claim for items that you have specified upfront when buying your travel insurance policy.

Finally, if you do buy a policy and you are going to Cyprus or another hot country, you probably don’t need winter sports cover so make sure you exclude that from your travel insurance policy.

Well thats the insurance bit out of the way, remember the 3 rules:

  1. Get your european health insurance card
  2. Get the right travel insurance policy for your trip
  3. Have a great time :)
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