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Staying Safe when You’re Out and About April 23, 2008

The advice given below will help to keep you safe while you are out and about on Britain’s roads.

  1. When driving alone or at night, always lock your doors
  2. Girls, never leave your handbag on the passenger seat. Oppotunistic theives could try and grab it at the traffic lights
  3. Always carry your mobile phone with you, you never know when you might need it!
  4. Always let people know where you’re going and when you expect to get there. Sensible journey planning always makes good sense no matter how you are travelling
  5. Never pick up hitch hikers, you never know what you’re going to get…
  6. Always park in well lit car parks
  7. Never leave your car unlocked and running when you’re away from it. If someone steals it with the keys in the ignition its your fault and you insurance will be invalid
  8. Get an alarm or immobiliser if you don’t already have one. Many car insurance schemes offer discounts for extra vehicle security
  9. Always hide your car keys in your house and away from the door. Thieves are stealing car keys to avoid bothering
    with new car security systems
  10. Always be aware of what’s going on around you

Following these simple tips, you can keep yourself and others safe while you are travelling.

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