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Motoring Convictions – The True Cost January 20, 2010

No-one likes getting flashed by a speed camera. Getting caught speeding will cost you around £60 and add 3 points to your license. The hidden cost of driving convictions is one of the most annoying things about these endorsements.

The first problem is your car insurance renewal as if you are unlucky enough to pick up any motoring convictions, your insurance premium will be higher as a result. Most convictions must be declared for the next 5 years after receiving them but for some of the more serious offences, the time is extended to 10 years. That means higher insurance premiums for at least 5 years!

If you get too many points on your license you will also receive a TT99. This severely limits your choice of brokers and insurance companies when taking out a new policy.

Thankfully, some insurers are now writing schemes that ignore a SP30 (the most common speeding conviction) if you only have one driver on your policy with this endorsement. Insurers are recognising that the rise in speed cameras on British roads means their clients have a high probability of getting an SP30 conviction. These insurers are champions of cheap motor insurance for convicted drivers!

Although its tempting to “omit” any convictions when discussing a policy, the law requires you to disclose any motoring and non-motoring convictions to your insurer. Failure to do so will invalidate your policy and could add some very
serious convictions such as an IN10 to your driving history. This is disasterous for most motorists as IN10 endorsements are so serious that only a handful of insurers will offer you a policy. Less choice will definitely mean higher insurance prices.

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