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Illegal Tyres, Higher Insurance Premiums January 21, 2010

Thanks to the Internet, its now possible to buy all sorts of cheap goods from online auction sites, including car tyres.

Although used tyres can be picked up at bargain prices, recent research shows that these savings could be a false economy. 20 tyres were bought from an online auction house and tested for roadworthiness. The results are not good news for anyone looking for cheap car insurance.

None of the tyres (0 out of 20) passed all the required safety measurements! Two even had less tread than the minimum level by law. This is particularly distressing as getting stopped by the police with such tyres will leave you with a fine,
points on your license and probably a driving conviction. All convictions must be disclosed when purchasing
insurance and they definitely cause an increase in your renewal premium.

Worse still, bald tyres will reduce the grip your car has on the road and increase the likelyhood of you having or
causing and accident. Not only costly but potentially fatal.

It seems that although its tempting to make a good saving on tyres bought on the Internet, be very careful what you
are buying and where possible use authorised stockists and dealers. The savings made on second rate tyres could be
completely wasted through higher insurance premiums.

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