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How Lower Petrol Prices Effect Cheap Van Insurance August 29, 2008

In recent weeks UK motorists have benefited from a fall in petrol prices. In most cases unleaded is now around 10p cheaper than around 1 month ago. This decrease was forecasted by the Bank of England some time ago and it is comforting to know that they have a good grasp on the UK economy despite the difficult conditions. Unfortunately it could mean that the recent round of cheap van insurance quotes will not continue for very long.

Petrol price changes have a very large sphere of influence and can cause big rises in inflation as all goods are more expensive to move around the country. These costs are passed on to the consumers.

There is an unseen benefit to high petrol prices though as it seems that sky high fuel bills have forced many drivers to think more carefully about the journeys they are making and their driving habits. People are walking short trips instead of driving which means there are fewer cars on the roads at the moment. Motorists are also driving more carefully and at slower speeds in order to decrease fuel consumption.

These two facts mean that there are a lot less accidents occurring so insurance companies are able to make savings as they are not paying out on as many claims. Many insurers are aggressively marketing their current cheap van insurance quotes and the cut price rates are likely to continue for some time. All this fits in with data gathered from RAC and AA patrol vehicles showing a trend for more sensible driving habits.

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