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Hidden Cost in Passing Your Driving Test May 10, 2008

I recently read a post on whereby micky20 posted that after his daughter passed her test, Quinn Direct asked for an extra £278. He had reported the change in circumstance to Quinn expecting the premium to go down but was surprised when he was asked for extra money.

It seems that Quinn are within their rights to change the premium based on circumstances but this once again highlights the issue of full disclosure to insurance companies. It is a legal requirement to disclose all circumstance changes to your insurers and its down to them whether they reduce or increase the premiums.

Don’t be tempted to leave it to renewal time to update your policy as insurers could refuse to pay out if you have a claim due to technically incorrect details.

When its time to renew your policy, shop around and use web sites like Quotezone to compare prices and you could save a tidy sum.

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