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Convictions, Endorsements and Penalty Points January 2, 2010

The following article is a summary of the facts around convictions, endorsements and penalty points. The information presented here is correct as of 02-Nov-2007 sourced from DVLA UK organisation.

UK driving endorsements each have a points value ranging from one to eleven based on the seriousness of the endorsement. The endorsement must stay on your driving license for a pre-determined amount of time ranging from four to eleven years, again based on the offence.

The serious offence list contains drink driving and drug driving offences (codes: DR10, DR20, DR30 and DR80) and causing death by careless driving (codes: CD40, CD50, CD60 and CD70).
Any of these endorsements stay on your driving license for 11 years from the date of the conviction.

Convictions for dangerous/reckless driving or any driving disqualifications stay on your driving license for 4 years from the date of the conviction.
Codes for these convictions are DD40, DD60 and DD80.

All other convictions and endorsements have an expiry period of 4 years from the date of the offence. For example, you get a SP30 speeding endorsement on 21st April 2004. This stays on your driving license until 21st April 2008.

If you collect twelve or more penalty points on your license in any 3 year period, you will be banned from driving under the “totting up” system. This will show as a TT99 endorsement on your driving license. Under the New Drivers Act, if you receive 6 or more points in your first two years of driving, your license is automatically revoked.

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