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Cheap Van Insurance Secrets for Van Drivers August 18, 2008

During my day to day work with numerous van insurance brokers, I often find out useful hints and tips about how to legally get cheap van insurance quotes. This mainly affects hobbyists who need a van for their activities such as historical re-enactors who need to carry around a great deal of tents, armour and camping equipment or moto cross riders who need to move their bikes to each race.

Usually, one might ask for Social Domestic and Pleasure cover excluding commuting as vans are usually secondary weekend vehicles when used for hobbies. Its much cheaper to ask for own goods haulage cover as that allows you to use the van with social domestic and pleasure cover and has the benefit of more accurately describing the vehicle usage. In fact, for a 3 seater Ford Transit you could make a big saving of around £150!

In order to get the very best rate you should first compare van insurance quotes online using a service such as Quotezone to check the market for prices. Then call the brokers and insurers in first and second place and ask about the own goods haulage as a usage option. This will give you a chance to confirm any other details and will make sure you get the best van insurance quote.

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