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Car Insurance could be Cheaper After Poor UK Car Sales Performance July 13, 2008

Cheap car insurance prices could be on the horizon after a continuing decline in new car sales throughout 2008. The entire new car sector is down just over 4% on the same period last year due to the credit crunch problems. The worst affected companies are manufacturers such as Land Rover who offer a product line of big 4×4 and off road cars. Customers are now looking at every penny spent and can no longer afford to buy “gas guzzlers.” In fact, Land Rover sales are down around 28% on last year. In contrast Honda is gaining customers looking for greener alternatives for their main family cars. As a result sales are up around 2% so far this year.

As there are less new car sales it follows that there are less cars on the roads. This will naturally make our roads safer and next year we could see reductions in car insurance rates offered. If the trading pattern continues throughout the year then its possible you could see discounts of upto £100 when its time to renew.

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